Sukıtır: The Rise of Electric Scooters and Micromobility


The transportation landscape is undergoing a revolution with the surge of micromobility solutions. Electric scooters, also known as sukıtır in Turkish, have become a popular choice for short-distance travel, offering convenience, affordability, and a fun way to get around.

This article delves into the world of sukıtır, exploring their features, benefits, and the growing trend of micromobility.

What is a Sukıtır (Electric Scooter)?

A sukıtır, meaning “scooter” in Turkish, refers to a lightweight, electric-powered two-wheeled vehicle designed for short-distance travel. They typically feature:

  • Electric motor: Powered by a battery, enabling riders to accelerate and maintain speed without pedaling.
  • Compact size: Designed for easy maneuverability and storage, often foldable for added convenience.
  • Footboard: Provides a platform for riders to stand comfortably while operating the scooter.
  • Brakes: Equipped with hand or foot brakes for safe stopping.
  • App connectivity: Many sukıtırs integrate with smartphone apps for unlocking, renting, and tracking usage.

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Benefits of Using Sukıtır

Sukıtırs offer several advantages over traditional transportation methods:

  • Convenience: Provides a quick and easy way to travel short distances, especially within urban areas.
  • Affordability: Rental fees are often cost-effective compared to taxis or ride-sharing services.
  • Environmental friendliness: Electric motors produce zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air.
  • Fun and enjoyable: Riding a sukıtır can be a fun and engaging way to experience the city.

The Growing Trend of Micromobility

Micromobility, encompassing sukıtırs, e-bikes, and other compact electric vehicles, is rapidly gaining traction for several reasons:

  • Urbanization: Growing urban populations create a demand for efficient and flexible transportation solutions.
  • Sustainability concerns: Micromobility offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to car-centric transportation.
  • Technological advancements: Improvements in battery technology and connectivity enhance the practicality and appeal of sukıtırs.

Sukıtır vs. Other Transportation Options

Here’s a table comparing sukıtırs with common transportation options:

FeatureSukıtırCarPublic TransportBicycle
Environmental ImpactLowHighMediumLow
Suitability for Short TripsHighLowMediumHigh
Suitability for Long TripsLowHighHighMedium

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FAQs about Sukıtır

  • Are sukıtırs safe?

While generally safe, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines like wearing a helmet, obeying traffic rules, and riding defensively.

  • Where can I find sukıtırs?

Many cities have designated parking zones for shared sukıtır rental services. Additionally, some individuals own personal sukıtırs.

  • How much does it cost to use a sukıtır?

Rental fees vary depending on the service provider and duration of usage.

  • What are the regulations for using sukıtırs?

Regulations vary by city, but typically include age restrictions, designated riding areas, and speed limits.


Sukıtır represent a significant advancement in urban mobility, offering a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to navigate cities. As micromobility continues to evolve, sukıtırs are poised to play an increasingly important role in shaping sustainable and accessible transportation systems.

Imran Javed

Imran Javed

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