Unleash the Fury: A Guide to Flanking Strike Macro SoD in WoW Season of Discovery

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World of Warcraft Flanking Strike Macro SoD throws down the gauntlet for Hunters, demanding mastery of positioning and damage optimization. The Flanking Strike ability allows you to exploit this by granting a critical strike bonus when attacking an enemy from behind. But what if you could streamline this process with a Flanking Strike Macro SoD?

This guide empowers you to become a flanking master by delving into Flanking Strike Macro SoD. We’ll explore their functionalities, creation steps, potential benefits, and answer frequently asked questions to ensure you have all the information needed.

Understanding Flanking Strike Macros

A Flanking Strike macro is a custom in-game command that automates specific actions when you press a single key. Here’s what a Flanking Strike macro SoD Hunters:

  • Target your enemy: This ensures you don’t waste precious time manually targeting before using Flanking Strike.
  • Cast Flanking Strike: Activates the ability for that critical strike bonus.

Important Note: Macros have limitations. They cannot automate actions with a Global Cooldown (GCD), meaning you can’t combine Flanking Strike with another GCD ability within the same macro.

The Benefits of Using a Flanking Strike Macro

While a Flanking Strike macro won’t magically transform your gameplay, it offers some practical advantages:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automating targeting and ability activation allows you to react faster and potentially land more Flanking Strikes during encounters.
  • Reduced Key Presses: Simplifying your control scheme by using one keystroke frees up mental space to focus on other combat aspects.
  • Muscle Memory Boost: Repeated use of the macro reinforces the positioning habit, leading to a more instinctive flanking approach.

Creating Your Flanking Strike Macro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a Flanking Strike macro is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Macro Interface: Press “Esc” and navigate to “Macros” or use the “/macro” keyboard shortcut.
  2. Create a New Macro: Click the “New” button to open the Macro Editor window.
  3. Name Your Macro: Choose a descriptive name like “Auto Flanking Strike” for easy identification.
  4. Enter the Macro Code: Copy and paste the following code into the “Macro Actions” field:
#showtooltip Flanking Strike
/cast Flanking Strike
  • Breaking Down the Code:
    • #showtooltip Flanking Strike: Displays the Flanking Strike icon on your action bar.
    • /stopcasting: Cancels any ongoing channeled spells to ensure Flanking Strike activation.
    • /targetenemy: Targets the nearest enemy within your attack range.
    • /cast Flanking Strike: Casts the Flanking Strike ability on your target.
  1. Save the Macro: Click the “Save” button to finalize your macro.
  2. Assign a Keybind: Open the “Interface” menu (Esc key) and navigate to “Key Bindings.” Locate the “Macros” section and assign your preferred key to the newly created macro.

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Using Your Flanking Strike Macro Effectively

Now that your macro is ready, here are some pointers for optimal usage:

  • Positioning is Crucial: Remember, Flanking Strike only grants the bonus when you attack from behind the enemy. Use the macro strategically to maneuver yourself into position before activating it.
  • Macro Limitations: The macro won’t automatically trigger movement for flanking. You’ll still need to control your character effectively.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Get comfortable using the macro during solo content before integrating it into group encounters.

Advanced Macro Techniques (Optional)

While the basic macro serves most needs, there are some advanced options for seasoned WoW players:

  • Combining with Raptor Strike (Mongoose): If you have the Mongoose talent, you can combine Flanking Strike with Raptor Strike for a potent burst of damage. Here’s the modified macro code:
#showtooltip Flanking Strike
/cast Flanking Strike
/cast !Raptor Strike
  • Adding Focus Targeting: For specific situations, you can modify the macro to target enemies based on your focus:
#showtooltip Flanking Strike
/target [@focus]
/cast Flanking Strike

Important Note: These advanced macros require careful consideration. Ensure you understand their functionality to avoid unintended consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the Flanking Strike macro guarantee critical hits?

A: No, the macro itself doesn’t guarantee critical hits. It simply automates the process of targeting and casting Flanking Strike, which grants you a chance to critically strike when attacking from behind. The critical strike chance itself remains dependent on your character’s stats and talents.

Q: Can I combine Flanking Strike with other abilities in the macro?

A: Unfortunately, no. Macros cannot automate actions with a Global Cooldown (GCD). Flanking Strike and any other ability that has a GCD cannot be used within the same macro and still be activated instantly.

Q: Will the macro automatically move my character to flank the enemy?

A: No, the macro focuses on targeting and ability activation. You’ll still need to control your character’s movement to position yourself behind the enemy to benefit from Flanking Strike’s bonus.

Q: Is using a Flanking Strike macro considered cheating?

A: No, using macros is a legitimate gameplay feature within WoW Classic. However, some advanced macro functionalities might be considered exploits by Blizzard. This guide focuses on the basic and approved use of macros for Flanking Strike.

Q: Should I always use the Flanking Strike macro?

A: Not necessarily. While the macro can improve efficiency, there might be situations where manual targeting offers more control. Consider using the macro during fast-paced encounters and practice manual targeting for situations requiring more precision.


A Flanking Strike Macro SoD can be a valuable tool for SoD Hunters, streamlining your actions and potentially boosting your DPS. Remember, it’s not a magic bullet, and effective flanking still requires good positioning and awareness. However, by understanding its functionalities, limitations, and proper usage, you can leverage this macro to become a more formidable Hunter in Season of Discovery.

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